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Bluetooth Electronics

Control your electronic project with an Android device. This app communicates using Bluetooth to an HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth module in your project.

This app comes with a library containing 10 Bluetooth examples for Arduino. See the electronics page for examples.

It can also be used with Raspberry Pi or any other rapid prototyping system in which you have included a suitable Bluetooth module to your project.

• Ideal for learning electronics in a fun way.
• Ideal for rapid prototyping a new idea.
• Ideal for exhibiting your project.

Some electronics skills required. Requires an Android device with Bluetooth capability enabled. Does NOT work with Bluetooth Low Energy modules.

Large selection of controls available including buttons, switches, sliders, pads, lights, gauges, terminals, accelerometers and graphs, Drag and drop them onto the panel grid. Then edit their properties.

20 customisable panels available.

Import/Export panels to share them.

Discover, Pair and connect to Bluetooth devices. Then click Run to use the panel. Library of 10 Arduino Examples to get you started:

  • LED Brightness - PWM with a Slider control
  • RC Car demo – Basic Button controls
  • Persistence of Vision – Text control
  • Repeater Demo – Send and Receive Terminals
  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor - Light Indicator
  • MEGA Monitor – Graphs
  • UNO Monitor – More graphs
  • Temperature and Humidity – Temperature Gauge
  • Configure HC-06 Demo – In-case you want to change Baud rate
  • Motor Control Demo – Accelerometer and pad controls

User Guide

The user guide is found in the app by clicking on the 'i' button on the main screen.

More detail of the Library examples can be found on the electronics page of this website.

Some Screenshots:

heading screenshot
Main Screen
settings screenshot
Connect to Bluetooth Screen
heading screenshot
Example Run Screen
settings screenshot
Example Run Screen
heading screenshot
Edit Screen