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Operate up to 8 stopwatches simultaneously & log up to 100 lap or split times for each stopwatch.


Each of the 8 stopwatches is is a different colour, and can be selected by the small stopwatch icons at the top of the screen.

Four buttons control the stopwatch. Reset can only be pressed when the stopwatch is stopped. Split/Lap will only work whilst the stopwatch is running. Pressing Split after a reset will toggle to Lap mode and visa versa.

The list of Split or Lap times will appear at the lower part of the screen. The list can be scrolled forward and backwards. Up to 100 times are stored for each stopwatch.

The small icon in the top right will pull up a menu with two further options: toggle sound on/off and reset all stopwatches.

The current settings and times are stored on exiting the app. Therefore you do not need to run the app continously to measure longer times. Note that if the system time is altered (e.g. date or time changed), then so will the measured time on running stopwatches.

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stopwatch app screenshot
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