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  LED Banner Scroller
      from KEUWLSOFT

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 Details of an older version (version 1.01) of the app can be found here


Display scrolling messages. Send encouragement, display notices, get peoples attention, and more with this led banner scroller app.


• Up to 6 lines of text.
• Portrait or Landscape banner.
• Mirror option for when banner is to be viewed through a mirror.
• Left, right, up, down or static scroll options.
• Vary scroll speed.
• Choose text & background colors.
• Alter LED grid size.
• Auto or manual size text.
• Left, center or right text justification options.
• 20 Memory slots to store messages.

LED Banner Scroller

There is a preview of the scrolling text in the top window. Tapping Start will go full screen with the current message and settings. Tap back to return to the main control screen.

Top left is a cogs button which opens a menu with preferences for sound, vibrate and an option to restore defaults.

The six buttons at the bottom open up settings screens for different aspects of the scroller, as described in the following sections:

Text Message

Up to six lines of text can be scrolled. Tap on the line you wish to edit to bring up the keyboard to enter the text.

Justification - If multiple lines of text are used, then they can be left, center or right justified.

text mode screenshot
Changing Text Message
textsize mode screenshot
Changing Text Size

Size and Color

Selecting Auto Size will cause the text to scale automatically. To scale the text manually, un-check this and use the slider bar below. Tapping on the little A or large A will cause the size to be changed in steps.

Color - Select first whether you want to change the TEXT or BACKGROUND color, Then use the RGB sliders below to adjust the amount of Red, Green and Blue in the color.


Direction - Choose the scrolling direction; leftward, rightwards, upwards, downwards or none.

Orientation - Select either Landscape or Portrait orientation. The preview display will change dimensions to reflect the choice. Once start is pressed, if landscape orientation is selected, then you will need to rotate the device 90 degrees.

Mirror - If the message is to be viewed through a mirror, then mirroring the text can be done with this option to make it appear correct to the viewer.

Wrap - If wrap is off, the text will wait until it is completely off the screen before re-appearing at the start again. If wrap is on, then the next repeat is shown before the previous one has finished.

Speed - The slider can be used to change the speed of the scrolling text. Tapping on the tortoise or hare will decrease or increase the speed in steps.

scroll options
Scroll options

LED Grid

The LED grid effect can be turned on or off on this screen. If the LED grid is on, the slider bar can be dragged to change the size of the LED effect. the grid icons on either side of the slider can also be used to change the size in steps.

Memory Slots

There are 20 memory slots available to store your messages. Select the slot number, then either overwrite it with the current setup by tapping store, recall it to the current setup, or delete it.


In the top left of the screen, the cogs image brings up another menu with the following preference setting options:

Sound - Toggle button press sound effects on or off.

Vibrate - Toggle button press vibrate effects on or off. Requires vibrate capability on your device.

Stay Awake - Stops device from sleeping whilst app is running.

Clear memory slots and reset all defaults - Resets everything back to their default values, also clearing any banners in the memory slots.