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  Egg Timer
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Egg Timer

Egg Timer for use in the kitchen or elsewhere. Time your egg boiling to get them how you like them.

Control the egg timer by rotating the top half of the egg, or alternatively select times using the digital time indicator below the egg.

Five egg timers, each adjustable up to 23 hours 59 minutes. Use the small egg icons to change between them.

Tap on the timer names to edit them.

Vibrate, sound and other options found in the settings menu. Includes options for short alarm at 30 seconds remaining and countdown beeps from 5 seconds.

single counter mode
List Counter Mode
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User Guide

Rotating the timer (tap and drag on egg just above the gauge) will adjust its value in 15 second steps. For finer control, the seconds value can be tapped and an overlay will slide up allowing the number of seconds to be set by tapping on the number required. The hours and minutes can also changed this way.

The start button will start the egg timer counting down.

The reset button resets the timer to the value it was before start was last pressed. Therefore to adjust the reset values, tap on reset first.

The pause button pauses the timer until it is pressed again. The timer will also be temporarily paused if the timer is adjusted during the count down.

The timer names can be changed by taping on them and then entering in a new name. Alternatively the names can be adjusted via the settings menu.

When the count down reaches zero, an alarm will go off for 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds (as set in the settings). Tap anywhere on the egg to stop the alarm early. If the alarm is for one of the other 4 eggs, tap on the corresponding small egg instead.

In addition to the alarm going off, the egg will crack and and small animal will hatch and poke its head out the top.


Clicking the cogs button at the top left of the screen brings up a settings menu:

Reset all Defaults – Resets all preferences and timers back to their default values.

Reset all Timers – Resets all timers.

Edit Egg Names – Edit all the timer names.

Alarm Sounds – Select sound for each of the timer alarms. Chose which one of five alarm sounds to use for each timer.

Alarm Duration – Select the length of time the alarms will sound if not cancelled. Set to either 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

Vibrate – Vibrate on button presses and when alarm is going off.

Sound On – Sound effects for buttons and alarm.

Stay Awake – check this option to stop the device from sleeping.

Show Overrun Time - shows the time since the alarm went off below the egg.

Only allow time to be adjusted when paused or reset – check this check box if you don't want to accidentally adjust the timer when its counting down.

54321 Countdown Beep - If sound is on, timer beeps at 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 s.

Alarm once at 30 sec remaining - Plays the alarm sound and vibrates once at 30 sec to go.

Still try to Alarm if app not visible - If your device goes to sleep, or the app is paused or closed, then different shorter alarms and/or a notification will occur when the egg timers time is up. If the device is rebooted, there will be no alarm. If and what alarm/notification is shown will depend on manufacturer and Android version and settings. If you don't want any of the egg timer alarms to go off once the app is closed, just uncheck this box.

Also, most manufacturers will also release pre-installed timers/alarms as part of the operating system. These will have greater control and permission to wake you up with an alarm, so use them instead when necessary.