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For measuring Angles.

• Camera view with pause button.
• Measure angle between two markers.
• Horizontal and vertical plumb lines (Tap to snap nearest marker to line, double tap to track, tap again to release).
• CAL button to calibrate accelerometer if plumb lines are out.
• Copy angle in degrees and radians to clipboard.

protractor promo graphics
The real app might be less exciting than these graphics suggest

User Guide

There are two markers that can be selected and dragged to measure the angle between them. The area between is highlighted and the angle displayed in degrees and radians.

Copy will copy the current measurement (angle between markers) to the clipboard so that you can paste it into another application.

Camera - Tapping the camera button will toggle the camera view on and off. Whilst it is on, a pause button is available to hold the image whilst you carry out your measurement.

Plumb line - Touching the plumb line button will toggle plumb lines on and off. Horizontal (green) and vertical (purple) lines are shown. By tapping a plumb line, the nearest marker will snap to it. Double tapping will cause the nearest marker to track the line. Tapping again will release the marker. Whilst the plumb lines are on, a calibrate button is available.

CAL (Calibrate) - If the plumb lines are out from vertical/horizontal, then tapping CAL will open another screen to calibrate the accelerometer. Calibration is achieved by first laying the device level and taking a reading followed by standing it at 90 degrees and taking a reading.

Marker positions and calibration are remembered for next time the app is run.