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  IR Remote Creator
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IR Remote Creator

Create your own InfraRed remote by positioning buttons and assigning IR codes to them with this App.

For the hobbyist/maker/curious that want to dig deeper into the world of IR remote control.

• Built in Editor.

• Manage up to 200 remotes.

• Generate IR patterns from existing protocols, your own custom one, or from raw timing data.

• Requires an IR Blaster on your device.

User Guide

The In App User Guide (found from tapping 'i' on the menu bar in the App) is also available here.

Examples and Default Remote

Electronic Project Examples/Demos to go with this App can be found on the electronics page of this website.

When the App is first run, it has a default remote, which can either be deleted, modified or used as it is. Arduino code to go with the default remote can be found here.

IR Blasters

An IR blaster is needed for this app to work. If you don't have one on your device, you can still edit remotes, but wont be able to control anything with them. An IR blaster is basically an infrared LED and hardware on your device that will send modulated infrared waves when activated, so as to control remote devices such as TV's, DVD Players, Cameras, and maybe also your next project. If you have an IR blaster, there is probably a small LED hidden neatly at the top of your phone. A clean line of sight from IR blaster to receiver is required.

Some Screenshots

List Mode
Run Mode
Run Mode
List Mode

Creator Vs User Mode

Creator mode has all features enabled, and is for when you are designing, modifying or setting up your remotes.

User mode has reduced features, to avoid accidently modifying or deleting the remotes. Once set-up, or done with the creating part, it is recommended entering this mode. Especially if the app is to be used by a less tech savvy grandparent, or a young child that will just experiment by tapping everywhere.

Change modes by entering the settings (cogs button top left) and then selecting the mode.

Menu Bar

The menu bar provides access to different parts of the app.

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Settings - Tapping on the cogs button brings up the settings screen where mode, sound, vibrate and more options can be set.

Info - The 'i' button brings up the user guide.

Save / Load - Tap on the disk Icon for load and save options. Only available in creator mode. Remotes can be loaded or saved to the keuwlsoft/ir-remotes/ directory within the documents folder on your device, or downloaded from a web link.

Editor - This is where remotes are edited, by creating or selecting buttons, dragging them to their desired location, changing their design and assigning IR codes to them. Only available in creator mode.

List Mode - Organise, your remotes in this screen, by dragging them about in a list. Or just use the list to find and select the remote you wish to use. Also create, duplicate and delete remotes (only in creator mode).

Run Mode - Run mode is where to use the remotes you have created. Tap on the buttons to send their IR patterns. Long pressing will send the complete IR pattern repeatedly. Slide left or right to access other remotes.

Further detail on the app can be found in the user guide.