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  Guitar Tuner
      from KEUWLSOFT

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Brief Description

Straightforward guitar tuner. Single screen app that starts in auto tune mode. Simply run the app, hit a string and start tuning your guitar. Tune into the orange region for a good results or green for perfection.

How it works

This app uses your microphone to detect the string being played and indicate if you should tune up or down. The sound wave trace (white) is shown bottom left and the frequency spectrum (blue) bottom right. The detected frequency is shown in the meter.

guitar tuner screenshot
Guitar Tuner in Auto Mode

The Meter

The meter consist of a dial with needle pointing to the current tuning. small divisions are 2 cents and the larger ones 10 cents. The orange markers indicates plus or minus 10 cents away from the targeted note. The note color will change to reflect the distance to the target note. It will become orange when the distance is 10 cents or less and green when the distance is 5 cents or less. This is also indicated in the digital part of the meter.

The Guitar

The standard guitar (EADGBE) indicates current note being played or allows fast note selection in manual mode. If you have a tiny screen, the guitar will not be displayed.

Auto Mode

By default, the app starts in auto mode as indicated by the red auto button. In auto mode the note being played is automatically detected and the meter centered on that frequency. This allows hands free operation since your hands will be needed to tune your guitar.

Manual Mode.

By turning Auto off, the meter will stay centered at the current note which can be adjusted by either spinning the dial, or selecting the note to tune to from the guitar.

Pitch Pipe

By pressing the pitch pipe button, it will glow orange and sound the currently selected note. This works best in manual mode and using the guitar to select the note to play. Press the pitch pipe button again to turn it off.

Tuning Range

The tuning range is from 30 Hz (B0) to 4186Hz (C8), so the tuner can also be used to tune other stringed instruments. Select manual mode if necessary & spin dial to select lower frequencies.

Equal Temperament

This tuner is based on the western equal temperament scale with 100 cents between each note. There are other ways to tune a guitar. Personally I prefer to first tune the A string with a tuner and then self tune the remainder of the strings.