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  Camera RGB Color Picker
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Camera RGB Color Picker

Measure, tweak and store 24 bit RGB colors grabbed from the camera preview.

• Hexadecimal RGB color code.
• Store up to 250 colors.
• Suggests nearest of 138 html named colors.
• Copy color values to clipboard.
• Pause image and move target cursor.
• Setting for using volume buttons to grab and store colors.
• Turn camera flashlight on or off. Zoom camera in/out.

Note that the camera and screen of your device might not measure or represent color accurately, therefore for Indication Only.

suggest mode
Suggest Mode
Adjust Mode
Adjust Mode
List Mode
List Mode

User Guide

The camera preview is shown at the top of the screen with a blue cross-hair indicating the target location for measuring the color.

Tap grab to grab the currently measured color.

Tap store to add it to a list of up to 250 colors.

Use the Adjust mode to Tweak the Red, Green or Blue values.

Use the Suggest mode to choose from nearby hmtl named colors.

Note that the camera and screen of your device might not measure or represent color accurately, therefore for Indication Only.

Camera Controls

To the left of the camera preview are some controls for the camera:

Zoom - These buttons allow the camera to be zoomed in or out. Hold the buttons down to zoom in/out faster.

Focus Lock - This will lock the auto focus.

WB/Exp. Lock - This will lock the white balance and exposure.

Torch - This button located above the camera preview turns the camera LED on if available.

Note that on some devices, zoom and/or other camera controls might no longer work in the latest updates (in which case you might need to result to moving your device forwards to zoom in, etc).

Pause - Freezes or unfreezes the image shown in the camera preview.

The target location is indicated with a blue cross-hair. The target area location can be moved by touching in the camera preview. The number of pixels to average at the target can be selected from 1, 9, 25 or 49 in the main settings.

Select from front facing or rear facing cameras in the main settings.


RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is a popular method for defining colors.

RGB is comprised of three numbers representing the amount of red, green and red in the color.

For 24-bit colors, each colour component is defined by 8-bits and therefore their values range from 0 to 255.

8-bit numbers like to be represented in hexadecimal as two digits which also include the characters A to F. Combining all 3 colors, we get a 6 character hexadecimal value that is commonly used to describe color in html and many other applications. To indicate a hexadecimal color value in html, it begins with a '#' character.

The currently measured RGB color from the camera is shown to the right of the camera preview as decimal R, G and B values and with a box showing the hexadecimal color. Long tapping on the color box will copy its value to to the clipboard.

Tapping grab will copy the current camera color to the lower part of the screen making it available for tweaking and storing. The RGB value displayed at the bottom of the screen shows this grabbed/tweaked color. Long tap on this RGB box to copy its contents to the clipboard ready for pasting into another application.

Suggest Mode

The first of the 3 modes for the main display, shows the currently grabbed color in the center circle, and 6 smaller circles showing the closest html named colors from a list of 138 colors. Tapping on one of the suggested outer circles will grab that color and place it into the center circle. Tapping the center circle will just make that circle bigger and hide the smaller circles.

Adjust Mode

The second of the three modes for the main display, allows each or the Red, Green and Blue components to be adjusted, either by dragging the corresponding cursors around the arcs, or by tapping on the +1 or -1 buttons for that color. As the RGB values change, the effect of adding more or less of each colour is shown in the colored arcs.

List Mode

The third of the three modes for the main display, shows a list of upto 250 stored colors. The currently selected list item is highlighted in blue.

To change the currently selected item, just tap on a new one. Selecting another item will also grab that color making it available in the other modes if required.

To scroll the list, just touch and drag up or down.

To change an item position in the list, long tap on the item and then drag it to its new position.

To delete an item, slide it to the left or right, or select it and tap on the trash can.

To edit the name of the item, select it and then tap on the pencil edit icon.


Clicking the cogs button at the top left of the screen brings up a settings menu:

Camera to use – Select either the front facing or back facing camera. If a camera is not available, it will be grayed out.

Sound On – Turn sound effects on or off.

Vibrate On – Turn vibration effects on or off.

Stay awake – Check this option to stop the device from sleeping.

Use volume controls to ... - The volume control buttons on your device can be set upto either adjust the media volume, grab a color from the camera preview target or grab a color and also store it to the color list.

Pixels to average at target - Choose how many pixels to average at the target. Either use a single pixel, a 3x3, a 5x5, or 7x7 pixel area.

Copy Color List to Clipboard – Copies the color list to the clipboard ready for pasting into another application.

Delete Color List – Deletes all colors stored in the list.