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The compass has a magnetic needle (Red pointing North) and a true north needle (Orange pointing North). Depending on settings, one or both of these will be shown. There is also a bubble in the compass to show how level it is. Normally a compass needs to be level to get the correct reading, but this app uses the accelerometer reading to convert the magnetic field reading back to the horizontal plane. If you would prefer it to act like a real compass (which requires being level for a correct reading), in Settings > Mag North, select the magnetic north to point to the maximum field in the plane of the device.

Around the compass is a dial with 360 degree markings. Touch the dial to rotate it. The orienting lines will also rotate with the dial.

Above the compass is a red arrow which indicates the direction of travel.

The contents of the digital display will depend on which of the 4 modes is selected with the buttons top right:

Magnetic Field - Displays the magnetic field strength in micro Tesla. Also displays the magnetic inclination (the angle the field enters the earth relative to the horizontal).

Location - Displays the Latitude, Longitude, Elevation (if available) and the magnetic declination at the location. The Location will be either from GPS, Network or a custom value depending on that set in Settings > Location. Magnetic declination is the difference in the magnetic north direction to that of the true North. Since magnetic declination is dependent on location, the true north cannot be calculated until a location is determined. GPS can use a lot of battery so it is only measured repeatedly in location mode.

Heading - Displays the current heading. This will be either a magnetic or true heading depending on settings. The heading is shown in Azimuth or Quadrant notation as selected in Settings > Heading. The nearest 16 point compass rose direction is also shown.

Angle - Displays the current roll and pitch of the device. Can be used, for example, to measure how steep a slope is, or to see in degrees how far off from level your device is.

heading screenshot
angle gauge screenshot
Screenshot 2
settings screenshot
Location & settings


The cogs on the left of the compass will bring up a settings menu. Any changes in the settings will be stored for the next time the app is run.

Bubble - Turn the bubble on or off, or open up another screen to calibrate it (see below).

Needle - Select which needles to show on the compass. If no location has been found, the true north needle option will be unavailable.

Location - Select where to obtain the location info from. The GPS/Network mode will first try GPS, and if unsuccessful, will then try to get a network location. GPS mode will use the GPS location. Note that your device requires GPS and also for it to be enabled for apps to access, otherwise this option may be unavailable. The Network mode will use the network location, again only if enabled on the device for apps to use. The Manual option allows you to enter a custom location by tapping Set to open up another screen from which the location can be entered (see below). Alternatively, if not interested in the true north needle, the location can be turned off.

Heading - In the heading digital display, the heading can be in azimuth notation (e.g. 165°), or quadrant notation (e.g. S15°E).

Coordinates - Latitude and Longitude can be displayed in degrees (°), degree minutes (° "), or degree minute seconds (° " ') depending on your preference.

Mag North - Which direction should be taken for the magnetic north. For an actual compass, this is the maximum field in the plane of the compass, which requires the compass to be level for a correct reading. The maximum field in the horizontal plane option will remove the rotation of the device so that it no longer needs to be level to get a reading.

Set Location Screen

Edit - Press the corresponding button to change the Latitude, Longitude or Elevation.

From GPS - If this button is visible, then tapping it will use the last measured GPS reading for the location.

From Network - If this button is visible, then tapping it will use the last measured Network reading for the location.

World Map - Displays the location on the world map. Magnetic declination at that location shown below map. Touching on the map will change the location.

Done - Sets the displayed location as the new custom location from which magnetic declination for the true north needle is calculated whenever in manual location mode.

Cancel - This or the back button cancels the current adjustment and restores those used before the set location screen was opened.

locations screen
Location screen
 calibration screen
Calibration screen

Calibration Screen

Follow the on screen instructions to calibrate the bubble level.
1) Find a flat surface and press CAL. A blue progress ring will appear and a green tick a few seconds later.
2) Stand device horizontal and press CAL again. Thats it. Calibration is stored for next time app is run.

Cancel - Cancels the bubble calibration.

Clear CAL - Clears any previous calibration coefficients for the bubble level.


Magnetic field direction can be affected by nearby ferromagnetic material - Therefore move into a clear area and remove any metallic casing that might interfere with the sensor. Some sensors can become magnetized or gain an offset resulting in false readings – rotating the device around each of the three axis can sometimes help. Results depend on quality of magnetic sensor, so use for indication only.